Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Crocheted Chain Scarf

I always thought my favorite color was pink, but looking through my yarn stash, I have a LOT of blue, green and variegated blue/green odds and ends.  I love the skinny scarf I posted about here, and decided to crochet a thicker version.  I have 17 strands of various shades of green and blue from my stash, about nine feet long, tied together with an overhand knot about every eight inches.  I love it!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ruffled Yarn Wreath Tutorial

I have seen many patterns lately for wreaths made of yarn.  I want to share with all of you readers a photo of a wreath I made.  Our front door has a window in it that looks like it was made for the wreath.  I didn't even know when I designed and crocheted the wreath that it was the same size as the window!

The pattern is very simple, and I think even a beginning crocheter could create one.  I hope it is easy to understand.

Yarn Wreath

3 balls (about 12 oz.) Super Chunky Yarn
Size M crochet hook

Row 1:  Chain 40, and join ends with a slip stitch, making sure the chain does not twist.
Row 2:  Chain 3, and dc in each stitch around.  Join to first stitch with slip stitch.
Row 3:  Chain 3, dc in the same stitch as joined, and 2 dc in each stitch around.  Join to first stitch with slip stitch.
Row 4:  Chain 3, 2 dc in same stitch as joined, and 3 dc in each stitch around.  Join to first stitch with slip stitch, and fasten off.

Finishing:  I removed the "hook" part of a wire coat hanger, and opened the bottom portion.  I wove the wire through the third and fourth rows of the wreath, and bent the wire into a circle, trying to stretch the wire out as much as possible, so that the middle was taut.  I added a ribbon decoration.

I hope you like it!  If you use this pattern, please post on your blog and leave a comment with the link in my comments below.  Thank you. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Necklaces

Tassel and Bead Necklace

Ocean Blue

MS Awareness

I have taken a break from knitting a baby blanket and crocheting a prayer shawl this week to fiddle with some beads, thread and hook. All are based off of designs from the Lion Brand free patterns, with my usual twist. I am thinking I need to either stop making these, or start selling them, since I almost have more than I can wear myself!