Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby Sweater and Car Seat Blanket

I received a gift card for Michaels from my DH for Christmas, and went to shop there a couple of days after Christmas.  Funny enough, I forgot the gift card!  I fell in love with this book from Leisure Arts, and bought it anyway.

My first project from this book was the Filet Rectangle Blanket.  I crocheted the smaller size, with a G hook and some yarn I got at Big Lots, called "Baby Soft," by Canan. It is a very light blue, although in my pictures, it almost looks gray.   I was a little disappointed by the wonkiness of the middle section, but it will still keep a baby warm. ;)

Then I decided to make a sweater to go with it, and adapted a pattern by Laura Tegg called Chunky Monkey Cardigan.  I modified the pattern to match the filet, and did a reverse crochet edging, like the blanket.

This pair will probably go to a church mission project.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday~1/14/15

I started another prayer shawl with all my left over worsted weight yarns.  This is another stash buster that will probably take a while to complete since each square is only 2 1/4".  I am using a pattern for an afghan called "Granny's Favorite" by Judy Bolin, but I am only going to make it 24" x 61" and the main color will be shades of off-white.  It is from a booklet called "Scrap Wraps" published by Leisure Arts. I have five squares finished.

I am reading a lot of books on my Nook.  The one I have recently started is a book called "The Measure of Katie Calloway" by Serena Miller.  It is a Christian Fiction book about a woman working as a cook in a lumber camp in the 1870s.  I got this book free from Book Bub and am really enjoying it so far

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finally Back

I have been away from this blog for over a year.  Life got very busy, and I had to choose between this blog and another one at WordPress.  Obviously, this is the one I had stopped posting on.  I have continued to crochet, but have not posted the pictures and wips on here.  Because of a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer and it's complications, along with MS, I have had to quit working and have more time on my hands.  So I am here again.

I crochet many prayer shawls and baby items/children's clothes for mission projects at my local church, and the most recent item is the Zig Zag Filet Car Seat Blanket.  The pattern is from a book published by Leisure Arts.  I made it from some old yarn I had in my stash, Sayelle, in the color Frosted Cherry.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hexagon Prayer Shawl Tah Dah

This prayer shawl is finished.  I ran out of  of the tan colored yarn, and decided to make the shawl longer by adding rows that mimicked the pattern of the hexagons.  I edged the whole thing with one row of single crochet.  It was a hit at the prayer shawl ministry group.

One end

Other end

Among other shawls

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Girl's Puffy Sleeve Sweater

I belong to a group on FB called Crochet Craze.  One of the members of the group showed a picture of a sweater she had just finished.  I saw it, and know it was something I wanted to make.  It is a pattern created by the Double Stitch Twins, and is on the Red Heart site, here.

I had some yarn left over from the baby blanket that I thought I would use.  I crocheted a swatch and found that I needed to use two strands together of the baby yarn from Big Lots, with a K size crochet hook to get the right gauge. I used pink and yellow yarn together for the back, the sleeves, and the peplum.  Blue and green yarn were combined together for the front and the edging.  I also used one less treble stitch in each stitch for the sleeves, since it seemed like it was getting too bulky. It is the smallest size, for a two-year old.   It  worked up pretty fast, since I crocheted it in one evening.  I figured out how to tie it before I photographed it, the next day. :)



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