Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday ~ 1/28/15

Happy Hump Day!  I have an update on one project and the start of another.  I wasn't able crochet or blog for a week or two due to some time spent in the hospital.  I had a partial hip replacement as a complication of my cancer.  I am glad to be back to both and am on the road to recovery.

The first project is the prayer shawl I am crocheting using yarn scraps.  There are 20 of almost 250 squares, so I have a ways to go.  It will be twenty-seven by nine squares when finished.

My second project is a Star Blanket.  It is also made with yarn from my stash, using this pattern from Yarnspirations.  It is another blanket for a church mission project.

I have almost finished "The Measure of Katie Calloway."  It is interesting to read about the people of the lumber camps after the Civil War and how the aftermath continues to effect the people of the time.

I will be sharing these projects on my Sharing page.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby Sweater and Car Seat Blanket

I received a gift card for Michaels from my DH for Christmas, and went to shop there a couple of days after Christmas.  Funny enough, I forgot the gift card!  I fell in love with this book from Leisure Arts, and bought it anyway.

My first project from this book was the Filet Rectangle Blanket.  I crocheted the smaller size, with a G hook and some yarn I got at Big Lots, called "Baby Soft," by Canan. It is a very light blue, although in my pictures, it almost looks gray.   I was a little disappointed by the wonkiness of the middle section, but it will still keep a baby warm. ;)

Then I decided to make a sweater to go with it, and adapted a pattern by Laura Tegg called Chunky Monkey Cardigan.  I modified the pattern to match the filet, and did a reverse crochet edging, like the blanket.

This pair will probably go to a church mission project.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday~1/14/15

I started another prayer shawl with all my left over worsted weight yarns.  This is another stash buster that will probably take a while to complete since each square is only 2 1/4".  I am using a pattern for an afghan called "Granny's Favorite" by Judy Bolin, but I am only going to make it 24" x 61" and the main color will be shades of off-white.  It is from a booklet called "Scrap Wraps" published by Leisure Arts. I have five squares finished.

I am reading a lot of books on my Nook.  The one I have recently started is a book called "The Measure of Katie Calloway" by Serena Miller.  It is a Christian Fiction book about a woman working as a cook in a lumber camp in the 1870s.  I got this book free from Book Bub and am really enjoying it so far

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finally Back

I have been away from this blog for over a year.  Life got very busy, and I had to choose between this blog and another one at WordPress.  Obviously, this is the one I had stopped posting on.  I have continued to crochet, but have not posted the pictures and wips on here.  Because of a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer and it's complications, along with MS, I have had to quit working and have more time on my hands.  So I am here again.

I crochet many prayer shawls and baby items/children's clothes for mission projects at my local church, and the most recent item is the Zig Zag Filet Car Seat Blanket.  The pattern is from a book published by Leisure Arts.  I made it from some old yarn I had in my stash, Sayelle, in the color Frosted Cherry.

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