Saturday, April 21, 2012

In the Loop

My newest creation was a difficult one.  I found Crochet! Magazine's Easy, No-Sew Crochet at a local store.  It had over 60 projects with no needle assembly required.  I couldn't wait to start my first pattern.  I finally decided to try the "In the Loop" pattern that is described as a halter-style vest that can also be worn as a buttoned cowl.  I used Red Heart's Super Soft in Burgundy and Gala Yarn for the scallop edging.

It took me three times with crocheting the entire pattern, including the time-consuming scallop edging, before I finally got it to fit right.  For some reason, in the second half of the pattern each row had to be crocheted in reverse order.  I  don't know if it is a left-handed thing, or what.  Anyway, I am pleased with the result.  I think it was worth the effort.

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Lindy said...

Love the cowl look! It's always "fun" to try new patterns.

Mindie Hilton said...

Very nice cowl! You are very talented.