Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hexagon Update

As of today, I have seven+ rows done on my latest prayer shawl.  There are a total of forty hexagons, made with a motif pattern from JPF Crochet Club.  I am mostly using sports weight yarns from my stash, but I am also crocheting with some yarn from my stash that is not labeled.  I don't know the weight of that yarn, but I like how it blends with the rest of the yarn. ;)

The hex's are being joined using a modified version of the flat-braid join, with two neutral colors.  Now I have to decide how I want to make the edging, and whether or not I am going to use half-hexagons from this style motif to make the sides straight.  Hmm...  I  think I will figure that out later, after I am almost finished with the hexagons.

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katie metzroth said...

It's coming right along. Do you have a final shape in mind?

Mlissabeth said...

It will be a rectangle, from wrist to wrist. The picture shows it's width.

Rikki E. said...

New follower via gfc from WIP. Would love to have you stop by and check out my page.

Babajeza said...

It's coming along nicely. :-)

soulbrush said...

Love these- I crochet too- but have never tried hexagons. could you send me a simple pattern perhaps?