Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Girl's Puffy Sleeve Sweater

I belong to a group on FB called Crochet Craze.  One of the members of the group showed a picture of a sweater she had just finished.  I saw it, and know it was something I wanted to make.  It is a pattern created by the Double Stitch Twins, and is on the Red Heart site, here.

I had some yarn left over from the baby blanket that I thought I would use.  I crocheted a swatch and found that I needed to use two strands together of the baby yarn from Big Lots, with a K size crochet hook to get the right gauge. I used pink and yellow yarn together for the back, the sleeves, and the peplum.  Blue and green yarn were combined together for the front and the edging.  I also used one less treble stitch in each stitch for the sleeves, since it seemed like it was getting too bulky. It is the smallest size, for a two-year old.   It  worked up pretty fast, since I crocheted it in one evening.  I figured out how to tie it before I photographed it, the next day. :)



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Lilly's Mom said...

This is the cutest sweater ever! What a great idea. I'm sure it's snuggly soft too.

Lucy Blossom said...

It looks really pretty, I love the colours on the front of the sweater.