Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chemo Sweater

My 19 year old neice has recurrent brain cancer.  She has fought this for four years.  She had some good news recently when the MRI showed that there had been no tumor growth for a year!  Almost two years ago, after the news of the first recurrence, her parents got this cute little puppy, and she pronounced it was good chemo, and his name stuck.

We were at Kelly's house for Thanksgiving this year, and she saw me making a scarf for my daughter.  She asked if I was making a sweater for Chemo.  So, before we left this morning, I made this sweater for him.  We all thought it was adorable, especially on him!  When I called Chemo a pretty boy, Kelly said to the puppy, "Yeah, you're pretty, but your Mom is ugly."  I told her, "Kelly,  I think you are beautiful!  Your bright blue eyes...and you are so strong!"  She smiled a little smile, and said "Thank you, I try..."  The poem I wrote on Thanksgiving day was about/for her.


Kelly said...

What a sweet little sweater. I am sure that your niece appreciated well as your words.

Anne said...

Sweet sweater and nice post about the story behind it!

Kat W said...

A lovely heartfelt post. I love Chemo's sweater. Good news on the scan. Your neice sounds like a very strong beautiful person. And I bet she's grateful to have an aunt like you. Kat X