Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guess What?

I am a little embarassed to say this, but the Upsidedown Turquoise Crown is no more.  I really appreciated all of your encouraging comments, and even the one that said it reminded her of a scanty bikini.  I really snickered at that!

But, personally, I wasn't really happy with the necklace.  It didn't turn out like I meant for it to.  I commented in another AEDM'er's blog about liking the thought that when I crochet I can always redo what I don't like and make it better. After some thought, I decided to rework this piece.  I am much happier this time.  This is what I meant for this necklace to be.


Pavinee said...

I think I like both pieces. The previous one looks cool and I would wear it with some cool shirts and jeans. For this one, it looks sweet and delicate, might suit a girly dress.

Wonderful work, really. :-)

Kat W said...

Gorgeous - really beautiful. This would be great with a low cut neckline - a real statement piece.

Kat :-)

Missy said...