Sunday, December 12, 2010


This stocking was made for the daughter of a fellow teacher who has an inoperable brain tumor.  Other teachers are filling it with girly things like make-up, nail polish, fuzzy socks, etc.

I have made several pairs of slippers for "The Pink Slipper Project" and will be mailing them soon.

I celebrate Christmas all year by making things for others, and sharing God's love, hope and peace.  I am blessed to be able to create and to share my creativity.


Kat Mortensen said...

They are all lovely - and what a kind and generous thing you do.
I like the fuzzy pink ones, but I fear that I'd be allergic to them.

I crochet (very simple, basic stitch footwear). I call them "slocks". When I'm in the mood, they're fun to do, but my hands get sore, so I don't do it as much now.


Kat W said...

These are all gorgeous. You are one super talented lady and such a giving kind person. You're an inspiration.

Kat X