Monday, May 30, 2011

Lacy Blanket

This is another blanket for charity.  The yarn on the sides is a really soft mohair-like yarn.  I can just picture a little baby or toddler rubbing it between her fingers to find comfort, and there are a lot of little holes to discover and stick her fingers through.  This crochet piece was a calming activity for me admidst some stress as of late.


baubodance said...

Hey! Just stumbled on your blog (CED!). You are a gorgeous creative! We kinda have the same interests for crocheting and especially: for WORDS. Question: I'm not familiar with the term "language pathologist": what do you do excactly?

This latest blanket is simply adorable. The soft appearance is so mommynourishingsafetyfeeling!!

Well, great to meet you! See you around!

Mlissabeth said...

I diagnose and treat kids with communication disorders~ so basically I do speech therapy.

Lolly said...

What a lovely blanket this is. I imagine it becoming a keepsake.