Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plastic Hat and Purse

As I have said, I like to repurpose things, and I like things that are free.  This project served both of those purposes.  I save all of the plastic bags from shopping and make "plarn," a yarn of sorts from cutting the bag into strips.  The printing on the bag gives it a little splash of color, and colored bags give a little stripe amongst the white.  Now I have waterproof gear for the beach, and can keep the sun out of my eyes.


Anonymous said...

This is so clever and adorable.
How'd you do that? Did it take a long time?
Did you make the pattern up yourself?

Okay, too many questions.


Mlissabeth said...

Hey, Lolly! I made both bag and hat in about 10 hours each. I did make the pattern myself, and googled "yarn from plastic bags" for the way to make it. The instructions for one continuous length of plarn as opposed to tying together rings took a lot less time, but may not be as sturdy. The hat was done first with the rings, and the purse was done afterwards with one long strand. I have read that you can use a regular pattern with this plarn.

Laurie Kolp said...

I love it! You can't tell it's made from plastic bags. You are very talented, Mlissabeth.

Gourdess said...

How clever is that? I've heard of re-purposing plastic bags but had never seen anything actually made from them.

The hat and bag came out very nice! I'll have to add this to my "gotta try it" list.


Tracy from CED

Kat W said...

Wow - these are amazing. You are really clever. I like to repurpose things but I've never managed to make things as intricate and beautiful as these. You're a talented lady my friend!

Kat X