Monday, August 15, 2011

Bookmark Necklace

I have been making a lot of afghans and prayer shawls lately, that take a lot of time.  I wanted something quick and easy to do for a break.

I had seen a pattern for a bracelet with a loop at one end, and beads or a charm on the other end. I decided I wanted to try a necklace.
 I had also seen a pattern for an elastic bookmark, where the elastic was made into a loop that you could put around the page of a book, and it wouldn't fall off.  Then I decided I would make one thing for two purposes, and this is the result!

Can you tell I like pink?  :)


the spirit that moves me said...


Kat W said...

What a fabulous idea - inspired! As a lover of books & pretty jewelry I think this is fab. This idea will make a great gift for many people.

Kat Xx

Leah said...

very cool!