Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ripple Dress and Newborn Overalls

Preemie size
Newborn size
When I was searching for a new pattern for an infant dress, I came across  a pattern for a Ripple Gown.  I had some fingering yarn left over from another project, and used an E crochet hook.  The pattern was easy to follow, and worked up fast.  However, it seemed really small, so I put it on my 12" Kewpie doll to check.  As you can see at the left, it would have to be for a preemie, and not even a gown.  I wanted to try again with a larger hook, so I frogged it and used two strands of the same yarn for the top portion, and then used a shimmery pink fingering yarn combined with the variegated yarn for the skirt.  The result is on the right..  I like the size, but it is more a dress than a gown.  I think someone will be able to use it, anyway.

Newborn  Overalls

A blog friend recently commented that there are more free crochet patterns for girls than for boys.  I noticed this as well, apparently around the same time, and went looking.  I found this pattern for Preemie Overalls at Danette's Angels.  I made these with larger hooks, a G and an H, and left off the bow tie.  These should fit a newborn, and will be donated to my local charity.

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WonderWhyGal said...

Geez, I haven't seen a kewpie doll in years.

Those outfits are adorable.