Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spearmint Candy Cardigan


Although this little jacket started out with a completely  different pattern, I really like the end result.  I had some medium sized balls of scrap yarn, left over from other projects. One was a pink baby sport weight yarn and the other was Bernat Baby Jacquards in Spearmint Candy Print.  It looked like enough yarn to make the pattern I selected, but when I ran out of yarn, I had none left for the sleeves.  So I decided to make the whole thing out of granny squares, and had enough yarn, with a small ball of sport weight white, to make the baby sweater with short sleeves.  Luckily, I had started with the 3 month size. :)


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Babajeza said...

I like the idea of this cardigan very much. I now have a reason to store the baby yarn (all leftovers from times when the boys were babies) a bit longer.

Ali said...

What a pretty little jacket.
It looks lovely made out of granny squares and the colours are beautiful. Ali x

WonderWhyGal said...

That cardi is adorable. I love the grannie squares. Perfect for a little girl.