Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Beginning of Recovery

Recovery is a place I have visited before.
But this time,  the hospital was my first stop.
In the Mental Health Unit on the second floor,
Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee.
No cell phone, no pop, no clothes with cords.
Keeping me and the other patients safe.
Jumping right into group therapy,
I talked (and cried) a lot.
I thought the faster I participated,
The faster I could get back to work.
My neurologist, on consult, told me
To stop shooting up Rebif
As the known side effects
Of suicide ideation
May have contributed to my dis-ease.
Wanting clarification of my brain's status,
Dr. S ordered an MRI of the brain.
I announced  as I was wheeled out the door,
"I'm going to get my head examined!"
It was decided I should have images of
Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine as well,
And after an hour, I was halfway done.
I would complete the testing the next day.
I swallowed the increased dose of my antidepressant
Before 10:00 when we were sent to our rooms.
I would have read my book until I fell asleep,
But my roommate wanted to fall asleep earlier.
Day one done.
Light's out.


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I'm so sorry Melissa. ((((HUGS))))
Stay inspired!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Yes, we are kindreds.

Kindreds in bravery, creativity and probably a whole heckuva lot more.

I was considering getting even braver and knowing you are here... well, it helps.

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