Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog Sweater

Reading that Shih Tsus were not bred as outside dogs, and may need a sweater when walking, I decided to crochet a sweater for Pipsqueak.

I thought she looked adorable, but the kids were saying I was silly for putting clothes on a dog.  She seemed nervous when I had it on her, too.

Maybe we will leave it on the toy dog that my daughter had, before we got Pippi.  At least there won't be any complaints.   :)


photosglitterglue said...

This is beyond adorable!! What a cute pup too!

Gwen Hughes said...

A very 'haute couture' garment even if it is only going to be worn by the toy dog.
Gwen XX :)

Lynn Richards said...

Oh my! I was laughing out loud at Pipsqueak. What a sweet name. I thought the sweater looked quite divine on her!