Friday, November 18, 2011

Shell Bracelet

Inspired by some lovely pieces of jewelry by African women in the H.O.W.? project, I made a bracelet of shells  that I crocheted together.  The shells were in a collection of wooden beads and shells I got a few years ago, and have the tops of them removed to expose the swirling interior.  The bracelet is comfortable on my wrist, and is wide enough to slip over my hand.


TammyVitale said...

The is lovely! And there's nothing like the inside of a shell - I deliberately set out to find the broken ones when I'm on the beach....who took the tops off for you? I didn't know you could get it done - I've seen it in shell shops but figured it was a big business type thing.

Mlissabeth said...

Tammy, I got the shells in a collection of wooden beads and shells from Walmart for $5. Hundreds of beads and shells.