Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grannies for Week #1

This is is how I will be posting the granny squares this week, but I am not sure how I will continue. I may do one each day, or weekly, or monthly, depending on my time.  I have enjoyed the challenge so far, and have used up several scraps.  I have been using patterns primarily from two books.  The first book is "The Great Granny Crochet Book" from the American School of Needlework, and the second book is Better Homes and Gardens "Crocheting & Knitting."  I got each of these books from garage sales, and am eager to complete some more of these patterns.  If you were a follower before this challenge started, most of the granny square ornament patterns I did at Christmas were from the first book.





#6 Diamond Square Motif
#7   Star Motif

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Ali said...

Hi it's Ali here from Macs Crochet. I have left a reply to your comment on my blog but thought I would pop over here too. I can't see your pictures - they are just black and white signs!!
Hopefully it's a simple problem to fix. Let me know if you have sucess so that I an come visit again and copy them across.