Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Daughter Can be Crafty, Too

My daughter's name is Melody.  She is twelve and is in 7th grade.  Art was her "specials" class last semester, and one of her class projects was paper beads and beads from polymer clay.  She made it into a necklace using some elastic.

She was cleaning out her backpack the other day, to get ready for school, and pulled out the necklace.  I really liked it.  She said she didn't want it, and pulled out a bag of extra beads, and handed them and the necklace to me.  I added a couple more of the beads using the extra length of elastic that she didn't use, and promptly took a picture of myself wearing it.  Though you might not be able to tell, it is so colorful, it will go with a lot of things.