Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easy Upcycled Jean Purse

I made this quite a while ago, but I have been getting a lot of compliments on it recently, so I thought I would blog about it.

The purses that I had seen at craft fairs usually were made out of jeans that had been cut off above the crotch area and then lined.  Somehow, I got the inspiration to make mine from a jean skort that my daughter no longer wore.  It already had the inside lined with knit shorts, so that made it even easier.

Here is what I did:

I started with a size 7/8 skort. I sewed each leg of the inside shorts together with a blanket stitch, and then hand-gathered and whip-stitched the bottom of the skirt.  For the ties, I used some 1" lace that I had on hand.  I chained the laces with a crochet hook until it was the length I wanted, and then fastened them to the belt loops, one handle to the two belt loops in front, and one to the two belt loops in back.  Finally, I used another length of lace for the "belt" by putting in through the loops around and then tying a big bow in front.

I would love to see pictures from anyone who tries this.

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Ali said...

This looks really pretty. What a great recycling idea. I like the addition of the bow. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

shopannies said...

blue jean purses have been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl I love yours with a bit more wimsy than most

would love for you to come visit us at

Highland Monkey's said...

Such a pretty bag. I love to see how fellow bloggers re-cycle items.


What a great bag - I love to see what people do with their old jeans. Very versatile clothing. Hope you have a good week.

Dani - Diane - ATA Girls said...

Great idea - Very pretty

New visitor from Inspire Me Monday

Anonymous said...

I can see why you get compliments on it. It is really pretty and completely unique. Wonderful!

Wendy said...

That's such a pretty bag and such a difference to all the usual jeans bags. Welcome to Handmade Monday - sorry I didn't make it here sooner but there was a bit of a computer disaster here! x