Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Update

Prayer Shawl/Lapghan
So, I have been making this for two weeks now, with more progress lately than before.  I have changed patterns, needles and frogged and started over at least twice. But now I am through a whole ball of yarn,  I am sticking with this.  It is rows and rows of garter stitch with a stripe of stocking stitch near the end of the current ball of yarn. I like the trees and shadows that I see coming out in the first section.  Do you see it?  Now that I have stuck with this pattern for so many rows, I think I will finish it much faster than I started.

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Stephanie said...

Very nice start!! It looks very good!

Ali said...

I really like the tree pattern and shadowing. Glad you've decided to stick with it. Ali x

Mary said...

I didn't see the pattern until pointed out. Very cool, I love it..

Kathleen said...

Yikes, I hate a multiple-false-starts project! But this is an excellent finish for it, the yarn is working up amazingly. I can definitely see the trees.

Hanni said...

I like the tree pattern! This yarn looks so great.
I missed knitting so much, nowadays I am just crocheting. So yesterday evening I grabbed my needles and started to knit and purl :) So relaxing :)

Marsha Cooper said...

this is knitting right?
I like the shadowing effect too.