Friday, July 27, 2012

FO Friday

I realized today that one of the reasons the jean purse I made from my daughter's skirt that I posted about on Monday was so special to me.  It is because when I use it, it makes me nostalgic of when she was so little and sweet.  She is a teenager now, and is still sweet, but differently.  If you have a teen-aged girl, you will know what I  mean.

She has been packing up a lot of clothes that she no longer likes or has become too small for, after puposefully losing weight, and she handed me a poncho that I crocheted for her several years ago.

She made a comment about knowing that she wouldn't wear it anymore, but knowing that I might feel a little bad if she got rid of it. That is an example of how sweet she can be, and because she said it, I could let the poncho go.  I may even use the yarn for something else someone will enjoy as much as we did this item.

In fact, I did make a poncho for a newborn this week..."and the circle goes round and round..."

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Missy said...

Sweet post and nice ponchos. I keep hoping my two boys will stay small forever, but they seem to keep growing. They're only four and six and I'm already getting nostalgic!

Mary said...

What a lovely story. I remember when my son was a young teen and still considerate of our feelings...then there is this stage where that is gone for a bit...and it is all about them..but for us, that passed really quickly without any drama!

the colors are really great and I bet you can recycle that yarn into something special..that will create another family memory!

HillyT said...

This post brings a tear to my eye, I can't imagine my girls as teenagers but how I will miss these little people who fill my world.
Thank you for a thought provoking post.