Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday~ 7/11

Prayer Shawl
 I have a knit and crochet project to show today.  My daughter says she doesn't have to ask me what I am working on any more, because prayer shawls and baby items are "all I do."  ; )   Yes, I do a lot of them.  They give me a lot of pleasure, to make something for someone else, since I can't do the things for my family as well as I'd like.  I think that is one reason I will never sell my items.  This is my mission.
Baby Dress

So I am repurposing yarn from previous projects I have made, that I no longer want.  The yarn for the shawl used to be a sweater, and the yarn for the dress used to be doll clothes for my daughter that has grown out of that stage.  I like to know someone else will use them well.


Tawnee Isner said...

That baby dress is really cute. Its great that you are able to recycle yarn so it will find a new loving home.

Ali said...

The colours in your prayer shawl are lovely. It's a great idea to recycle your yarn, then someone else can get pleasure from your creations. Have a crafty week.

Marsha Cooper said...

I had an idea for a prayer shawl out of granny squares but haven't started it yet. I think we are getting a little low on the shawls at church so I should get busy.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful dress!

SusanD1408 Crochet Addict said...

that's a beautiful idea to use things that are no longer wanted to make new beautiful things! I love the colours.