Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I have added several rows to the Granny's Favorite prayer shawl. Instead of crocheting two or three squares a day, I have been trying to do a row of nine squares.  So now I have 54 of 243 squares done.  I am liking the pattern more each time I add more squares .  After I had three rows done, I realized it looked like a nine patch quilt.

Having just finished a book about the years following the Civil War, I am now reading a book about a family during the Civil War.  I have recently realized how much I like historical fiction.  Daughter of Twin Oaks  is set in Kentucky, at the beginning of the war, where a teenager is thrust into an adult situation of keeping her family along with the beloved horses together and safe. I have just begun this book, but the vivid characters are already pulling me in.

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harknessangels said...

Your shawl is looking wonderful. I like historical fiction too!

Spinster Beth said...

If I understand the civil war situation, it would have been hard to keep your horses...they would have been needed for the war, right?

Mlissabeth said...

That is correct.

Mlissabeth said...
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